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Man Charged for Allegedly Trying to Shove a Woman off a Train Platform

SAN LEANDRO — A man is facing an assault charge for allegedly trying to shove a woman off a train platform. Apparently, the suspect was intoxicated when he was arrested.


Intoxicated Man Walking Around With Gun Arrested In Madera

Photo: Martinez under arrest, and “his” gun On August 25, 2019, Madera residents near Terrance Place and Central reported a man walking around the area with a gun. Police were


Man Causes Scene, Gets Friends Arrested

Photo: Miles, Wright, Landis and Jordan About 9PM on Saturday June 29th, Shasta County deputies responded to a report of a man, Matthew Roy Miles, 37, causing a big verbal

Santa Barbara

Naked Trespasser Nabbed by K9

Santa Barbara – Perhaps the warm Indian Summer days were a contributing factor when 18-year-old Ontario resident Michael Callueng decided to go traipsing around an upscale Santa Barbara neighborhood on


Nadia Lockyer Arrested in Domestic Dispute

Nadia Lockyer TWAIN HARTE – On Thursday 46-year-old Nadia Lockyer was arrested for battery after what was alleged was a drunken rage at the vacation home she shares with her