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Los Angeles

Lawndale Salesman Popped for GTA, Guns, Drugs and Sales

HAWTHORNE, CA—Is telling a cop one is in sales, after getting arrested for grand theft auto, drug possession and the intent to sell the stolen vehicle and drugs, mean that

Los Angeles

Cathedral City Man Popped for GTA, Embezzlement, Fake I.D.

HAWTHORNE, CA—Whether he stole the car to get back home near Palm Springs, or to get to the South Bay is unknown, but he probably won’t be going home to

Los Angeles

Woman Gets $100,000 for Petty Theft Warrant

HAWTHORNE, CA—Some criminals are magicians, or so one may think when a petty theft with prior violations can earn one a $100,000 bail. Casey Leiahi Francisco, 22, was arrested by

Los Angeles

Los Angeles Electrician Gets Multiple Vehicle Theft Charges

HAWTHORNE, CA—Was his occupation as an electrician a cover for casing for burglary and/or theft? Sam Ezy Higginbotham, 37, was apprehended by Hawthorne police officers for a number of vehicle

Los Angeles

How’s He Going to Pay That Bail?

HAWTHORNE, CA—If one has no occupation, why take the time to allegedly do so many crimes? Dylan Allan Stahl, 20, was arrested by Hawthorne Police Department )HPD) officers on Monday,

Los Angeles

The Mechanics of Grand Theft Auto

HAWTHORNE, CA—What should one expect when tempted with a video game scenario? Juan Angel Arias, 26, was picked up by Hawthorne police on Saturday, January 25 at approximately 8:15 p.m.