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Two search warrants at same residence yields

Photo: David Erik Setzer YREKA – On July 18th, Rocky Gulch Road was the scene of a search-warrant service on a home that was also been the scene of a


The smallest things can lead to a big arrest

MODESTO – Sometimes in an upscale neighborhood something that is just a little out of the ordinary, which would likely go unnoticed in many places, can raise suspicions. A person


Dangerous Honey Oil lab discovered

LUCERNE – LAKE COUNTY – Sheriff’s deputies doing a follow up investigation on a local young woman found a honey oil lab set up in her home. Honey oil, or

Santa Cruz

Two Arrested in Marijuana Growth Investigation

Concerned Citizens Reported The Activity SANTA CRUZ—Just because you were granted a medical marijuana card does not mean you can ignore the rules that pertain to the still illegal substance.


Redding man plays with fire and gets burned

What’s wrong with just smoking some weed and getting high? Sure, it is illegal (unless you are medically certified) and can cause impaired judgement and reflexes, but it is fairly


A little cooking accident results in explosion and arrest

MERCED  – It wasn’t just dinner this guy was fixing. A 23-year-old Merced man is behind bars after his attempt to cook hash oil resulted in an explosion yesterday just before