Two search warrants at same residence yields

Two search warrants at same residence yields
Photo: David Erik Setzer

YREKA – On July 18th, Rocky Gulch Road was the scene of a search-warrant service on a home that was also been the scene of a search warrant operation just nine days prior.

The first search came as a result of alleged threats with a firearm made by a suspect. The first search “yielded stolen firearms, and a large cache of ammunition, explosive components, a stolen vehicle and other contraband.”

52-year-old David Erik Setzer was “arrested and/or later charged” with, among other things, threats, stolen property, brandishing a firearm, possession of a silencer and assault with a deadly weapon.

On July 18th, the focus of the search warrant was on explosive components. Investigators discovered components of a hash oil lab and a meth lab. They also discovered an “illegal marijuana cultivation operation.”

Two other individuals arrived on scene during the search and one of them, 51-year-old Vincent Leslie Bowers,was summarily arrested for possession of a hypodermic syringe containing heroin.

Due to the hazardous nature of these labs, “a Code Enforcement Officer from the Siskiyou County Planning Department responded to the scene, inspected the site, and the residence was sealed with a ‘Red Tag,’ and uninhabitable”

A thorough removal commenced of any and all items that could be used in the manufacturing of meth or hash oil were placed into a total of three 55-gallon buckets.

Setzer was taken into custody again, this time for possession of a meth lab, possession of a hash oil lab, illegal cultivation of marijuana, possession of explosive components and violating terms of his recent release.





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