Major marijuana bust in Siskiyou County announced

Major marijuana bust in Siskiyou County announced
Photo: one pic from the raids

SISKIYOU – On June 7th, eight search warrants were served by the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office as part of a coordinated counter-drug effort in the Big Springs area.

As a result, 4,658 marijuana plants were seized, as well as 176 pounds of processed marijuana, four firearms, eight generators and three water pumps.

The raids were led by the Siskiyou Interagency Marijuana Investigation Team (SIMIT). The warrants were served on “large, illegal marijuana cultivation sites both outdoors and contained in greenhouses on rural county area parcels in vicinity of Quartz Lane, Jade Avenue, Jasper Court, and Dolomite Court.”

It is estimated that if the plants had grown to full maturity they would have been worth anywhere from 30-41 million dollars. The processed marijuana was valued at approximately $352,000 to $528,000.

The SCSO also reminds us that “Siskiyou County officials have enacted an ordinance that prohibits all outdoor marijuana cultivation in county areas and growers are limited to 12-plants inside an approved structure, for medical marijuana. Recreational marijuana, Pursuant to Prop 64, is limited to 6 marijuana plants, which may be grown in a residence or other enclosed structure.”

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