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Man Arrested in Stolen Check Case

BAKERSFIELD — Police said they have arrested a man they suspected of passing stolen personal and business checks. James Roger Sanders, 39, has been charged and booked into a Kern

Santa Clara

Theft Ring Busted After 7-month Investigation

SANTA CLARA – 35-year-old Ha Van Nguyen, 34-year-old Mai Thanh Hoang and 28-year-old Kent Minh Do appeared in court this week facing 44 Felony counts that allege the trio with


Yountville man is booked for $65,000 embezzlement

YOUNTVILLE – On Sunday night a resident of Yountville was arrested in his home on suspicion of embezzlement and other associated charges after reportedly scamming someone out of $65,000.  The

San Mateo

Nanny and Housekeeper Arrested on 95 Counts of Theft and Forgery

Redwood City, February 6, 2013 Sandy Delgado had been robbing her employers for four years before she was arrested on February 2, 2013. Arrested on 95 charges of theft and


King City Couple Arrested on Drugs, Forgery

A Sunday night traffic stop by Monterey County Sheriff deputies pulled over a vehicle at the intersection of El Camino Real and Apple Avenue in Greenfield Sunday night just before

Headline Story San Joaquin Stanislaus

Dine-N-Dash or Forgery?

Two suspects are in custody after a declined credit card revealed a minor crime spree in Modesto on August 21st. The suspects, 41-year-old Shawn Sample of Escalon and 29-year-old Kristie