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Santa Barbara

Holiday Thieves Celebrate Holidays in Jail

Photo: Dustin Kinsey and Andrea Reyes Santa Barbara County – Despite the many public announcements warning of increased property crimes during the holiday, many citizens continue to become victims of

Santa Barbara

Citizen Callers Track Burglar Until Cops Can Arrest Him

Photo: Jonathan Russell Thomas Santa Barbara County – It’s just getting more and more difficult for a criminal to ply his trade these days. Not only are video cameras popping

Santa Barbara

Home Invasion Suspects Caught

Photo: Donyae Dixon Santa Barbara-As if the posh community of Montecito–the scene of devastating mudslides and a monstrous debris flow that killed no fewer than 23 residents in the pre-dawn

San Bernardino

$180,000 Auto Insurance Fraud Case Results in 6-year Prison Sentence

Photo: Hani Abijudeh  SAN BERNARDINO — On Thursday, 55-year Rancho Cucamonga resident Hani Abujudeh was sentenced to six years in prison for his role in an auto insurance fraud scheme. Abujudeh


Duo Responsible for a String of Robberies Arrested

Daniel Medina and Kacie Miller FRESNO – A man and woman have been arrested and charged with felony counts of burglary, possession of stolen property, identity theft, and grand theft.

Contra Costa

Identity Thief Suspect Nabbed with Mail Belonging to 30 People

Joseph Malfitano ANTIOCH – Apparently stolen U.S. mail and a falsified driver’s license were recovered by police officers who arrested a suspected identify thief on January 31st. Police received a