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San Bernardino

2 Arrests in 2005 Gunshot Murder

Michael Marshall and Malachi Dawson SAN BERNARDINO — On November 27, 2005, 23-year-old Victorville resident Noel Cornelius’ dead body lay out in the Apple Valley Desert, shot to death. Cornelius

San Bernardino

After 17 years, 2 Charged with Man’s Murder

Carmen Worthy SAN BERNARDINO — When deputies from the Fontana station of the SBSD arrived to a road near Lytle Creek on March 3, 2000, they discovered the body of


Suspect Arrested for a Murder at College of Marin in 1998

Gary S. Wild SAN RAFAEL — The Marin County Sheriff’s Department arrested a man suspected of being responsible for a homicide that happened at the College of Marin in October


Charge for 1980 Rape, Murder

Robert Yniguez LOS ANGELES – On March 4, 1980, the body of 20-year-old Teresa Broudreaux was discovered by a surfer on Malaga Cove Beach. Her body was naked except for her

San Bernardino

Murder Suspect Arrested 12 Years Later

Malachi Dawson 32-year-old Malachi Dawson of Chino Hills was arrested on September 11th for the cold case murder of Noel Cornelius. Several miles southwest of Dale Evans Parkway, off Interstate

Los Angeles

Suspect Arrested in 1981 Cold Case Murder

Michael Anthony Locklin LOS ANGELES – Nearly 36 years ago, sometime between August 13 and 16 of 1981, 37-year-old insurance adjuster Michael Thomas was killed in his home while being

Los Angeles

22-Year Sentence in Cold Case Murder

Where La Cita Bar once stood Victim suffered 104 stab wounds LOS ANGELES — On December 17, 2001, the 71-year-old owner of La Cita Bar, Alfredo Treveno, was set upon

Contra Costa Placer

Murder Suspect Arrested After 33 Years

Marsha Carter RICHMOND – 33 years after children discovered their mother, 25-year-old Marsha Carter, missing from their Santa Clara Street home and her bed soaked with blood, Richmond police announced a

Santa Cruz

Watsonville Police Make Arrest in 15-Year Cold Case

WATSONVILLE — Police have announced the arrest of 39-year-old David Saavedra of Fresno county, concluding a case thought to have gone cold 15 years ago. In May of 2001, a

Santa Barbara

Arrest in 28-year-old Murder Case

Larry Lon Lee SANTA BARBARA — Through the tenacity and patience of law enforcement agencies and the men and women dedicated to solving crimes on the books for decades, “cold cases”