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Man Arrested for Statutory Rape of a 15-Year-Old Girl who Went Missing

BERKELEY — The long-arm of Berkeley PD searching for a missing teenage girl reached into the Central Valley. A man was subsequently arrested for taking this minor from her family’s

California San Bernardino

Police Arrest Child Stealing Suspect After 90-Mile Chase

ONTARIO – A 90-mile car chase down a major interstate freeway led to the arrest of a man who was suspected of stealing a child on Sunday. Reaching speeds of up


Multi-National Police Work Runs Child Stealing Suspect to Ground

Ventura County – Denisse Lisbeth Romero, a 27-year old Oxnard resident who became so enamored of a 16-year old girl for whom she was providing services at the Camarillo Children’s Learning

Los Angeles

Most Women Opt for Pregnancy

INGLEWOOD, CA—Even bribing an adoption agency may have been cheaper—but perhaps she is the result of impulse-aisle shopping. Angela Michelle Defreitas, 49, was picked up in downtown Los Angeles by