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US Secret Service, US Marshals and Fairfield PD team up in barricade incident

Photo: 3300 block of Shenandoah Court FAIRFIELD – The Fairfield Police Department assisted the US Secret Service and US Marshal’s Service when the two organizations called on them for support

Santa Barbara

Probation Cops Bust Down Door to Get Barricaded Violator

Photo: Jacob Dryer Santa Barbara County – In the middle of the afternoon on February 25th, residents in the City of Goleta saw some real-life law enforcement action that rivals


Assault, Guns, Barricade, Arrest

Photo: 1300 block of Comstock Drive YREKA – This story from up north features an assault, guns, a barricade and thankfully an arrest. On May 28 at 8:30 pm the


Attempted Murder Suspect in Hours-Long Barricade

Photo: Jesus Tovar OAKDALE – On May 24 the Turlock PD S.W.A.T. team started its day by serving an arrest and search warrant. They sought 37-year-old Jesus Tovar for an

San Bernardino

Six-Hour Standoff in Rialto Ends With Capture, Arrest

RIALTO – Police ended a six-hour standoff with a barricaded man, thought to be armed, who was eventually captured after he attempted to escape out his back door on Tuesday night. But