K9 Officer Ronin Finds Suspect Hiding in Closet

K9 Officer Ronin Finds Suspect Hiding in Closet
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“On May 27, 2024 just after 10 p.m., Placer County Sheriff’s Deputies were called to a home on Dennis Court in North Auburn for a report of an attack. The victim who was later transported to the hospital, reported that the attacker was still inside. Deputies, along with air support from CHP, set up a perimeter around the home. Announcements were made over the PA system, and calls were made to the cell phone the suspect had which went unanswered. At one point, the suspect attempted to escape through a side window but retreated inside.

A team, including K9 Ronin, entered the house and began searching. K9 Ronin alerted on a back bedroom. Once inside the room K9 Ronin detected the suspect inside a closet. K9 Ronin was called back by his handler and the suspect was taken into custody without further incident. This is an excellent example of the way our highly trained K9’s can help de-escalate a situation and lead to a peaceful apprehension without the physical use of force.

Most of the time, when our K9’s are deployed, it leads to a K9 surrender like you see here.”


Originally Published By Placer County Sheriff’s Department
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