Credit Card Fraud Investigation leads to Search for Suspects

Credit Card Fraud Investigation leads to Search for Suspects
Photo: Security Image of suspects  | El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office

The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office is seeking the public’s cooperation in identifying two individuals suspected of utilizing stolen credit cards across neighboring counties. These individuals are believed to have obtained the credit cards from numerous elderly residents of an El Dorado County senior care home. Detective Flores, who can be contacted at 530-642-4710 or via email at, is leading the investigation and welcomes any assistance in identifying the suspects.

Law enforcement agencies often rely on community involvement to solve cases and bring perpetrators to justice. In this instance, the collaboration of community members is crucial in identifying and apprehending the individuals responsible for these criminal acts. By working together, law enforcement and the public can help ensure the safety and security of vulnerable members of the community.

The suspects are alleged to have targeted elderly residents, a particularly vulnerable demographic, by stealing their credit cards and exploiting them for personal gain. Such actions not only violate the trust of the victims but also pose a significant threat to the well-being and financial security of the community’s elderly population.

The stolen credit cards have been reportedly used in various locations across surrounding counties, indicating a concerted effort by the suspects to engage in fraudulent activities beyond the immediate vicinity of the senior care home. The extent of their operations underscores the importance of promptly identifying and apprehending them to prevent further harm to unsuspecting individuals.

El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office urges anyone with information regarding the identity or whereabouts of the suspects to contact Detective Flores at 530-642-4710 or

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