Calaveras County Man Arrested for Alleged Battery, Assault with Deadly Weapon

Calaveras County Man Arrested for Alleged Battery, Assault with Deadly Weapon
Originally published by the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office:

“On December 16, 2023, an incident that was initially reported as a vehicle accident led to the arrest of 33-year-old Brian Gundy.  The arrest resulted from an investigation by the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office in collaboration with the California Highway Patrol (CHP).

The incident began at about 7:30 a.m. when the California Highway Patrol and Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to Highway 26 and Lower Dorray Road in Glencoe, CA, for a reported vehicle accident. When officers arrived on the scene, they quickly discovered the situation stemmed from the night before.

On the previous night of December 15, Gundy, who resides with the victim in the 17000 block of Humbug Creek Drive in Glencoe, had reportedly displayed increasingly aggressive behavior while preparing firewood for the home. Gundy’s agitation continued into the following day and led to him throwing household items until, eventually, a physical confrontation occurred with the victim. The victim decided to leave the residence, prompting Gundy to arm himself with a handgun and physically hold the victim against their will for a short period of time. The victim pleaded with Gundy to turn over the firearm, but he refused yet allowed them outside of the house. Gundy’s unstable behavior continued outside even as the victim drove across the property to leave. At the gate of the property, the victim heard a gunshot come from the residence and returned to find Gundy shooting the firearm outside.

The victim again left the residence; however, Gundy followed in his vehicle while driving recklessly and often into the oncoming lane. This dangerous chase continued on Highway 26, where both parties stopped at a highway turnout near Lower Dorray Road. The altercation continued when Gundy recklessly backed his vehicle, striking the victim’s leg. He then drove his vehicle into the victim’s vehicle, causing his vehicle to roll down an embankment, prompting a law enforcement response.

When Deputies arrived and attempted to arrest Gundy, he refused to obey commands and, at one point, attempted to escape. Gundy also unsuccessfully attempted to access a knife during the altercation.

Gundy was ultimately arrested and booked into the Calaveras County Jail on charges of assault with a deadly weapon, obstructing an executive officer, and domestic battery. The victim did not require medical attention.”

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