Suspect Arrested for Alleged Hate Crime Vandalism in Fairfield

Suspect Arrested for Alleged Hate Crime Vandalism in Fairfield
Above: CCTV images of suspect shared by Sheriff’s Office
Originally published by the Solano County Sheriff’s Office:

The Solano County Sheriff’s Office Investigations Team has arrested a suspect in connection with a hate crime vandalism incident that occurred at Thompson’s Corner Saloon, in unincorporated Fairfield.

On August 8th, the owners of Thompson’s Corner Saloon, located on Cordelia Road, discovered that someone had spray painted red swastikas and racial slurs on their exterior walls.   The Solano County Sheriff’s Office was contacted, and an investigation was initiated.  Despite releasing surveillance images to the public in hopes of identifying the perpetrator, the investigation initially met with limited success in garnering substantial leads.

Eventually, a tip from a community member drew attention to several racial slurs posted on social media specifically targeting Thompson’s Corner Saloon. Sheriff’s Office Investigators obtained warrants for digital evidence from the social media provider, successfully uncovering the account responsible for the offensive posts. Notably, this individual matched the physical description of the suspect captured in the surveillance footage and resided in close proximity to the targeted business.

Earlier yesterday, Investigators from the Solano Sheriff’s Office, in collaboration with the Sheriff’s Enforcement Team, executed a search warrant at the suspect’s apartment. Substantial evidence directly linking the individual to the crime was recovered. Following a comprehensive interview, the suspect, identified as 26-year-old Brendan Moore of Fairfield, admitted to the criminal act of defacing the property with hate speech.

Moore was arrested and taken into custody and is facing pending charges related to the vandalism.  (Felony California Penal Code Charges of 594A1, Vandalism and 422.7 Hate Crime)

Sheriff Thomas Ferrara said “I would like to thank our community for their assistance and our Investigators for their continued perseverance during this lengthy investigation.  The Solano Sheriff’s Office will always work diligently to solve crimes motivated by racial prejudice or racial bias.”.

The Solano County Sheriff’s Office continues its commitment to justice and ensuring the safety and security of all its residents.

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