Sheep and Horses Rescued During Animal Cruelty Investigation in Hayfork

Sheep and Horses Rescued During Animal Cruelty Investigation in Hayfork
Originally published by the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office:

At the beginning of July, Animal Control seized a number of animals from a location in Hayfork.  The animals seized included 23 sheep and 2 horses.  Prosecution for animal cruelty is ongoing but the animals have started moving on to their permanent placements.

The legal owner of the sheep was not present and the charges are being alleged against the caregiver of the animals.  The Trinity County Sheriff’s Office and Animal Control established communications with the owner’s family and arrangements were made for a family member who is able to care for the sheep to take custody of them.

The individual facing the charges was the owner of both horses who were seized.  This individual has stopped all communication with Animal Control and has failed to make financial arrangements for the cost of care of the animal’s therefore forfeiting claim of them.

Both horses have been in the care of Animal Control for 4 months and have seen incredible physical improvement in that time.

We are beyond happy to report that the older of the two horses has found her forever home!  The second horse is currently seeking her forever with the right family to meet her needs.

We cannot thank our dedicated Trinity County Animal Rescue Group (TCARG) and Trinity County Sheriff’s Auxiliary volunteers enough for the assistance that they provided to Animal Control and the Sheriff’s Office regarding the logistics of the seizure.  Additionally, the care and support that two of the families from our TCARG have provided to these horses during their recovery has been the reason they are flourishing.

Our county relies on the help of volunteer organizations for a number of services and operations and teams like Animal Rescue, Auxiliary, and Search and Rescue are vital to our county.  If you are interested in joining any (or all!) of the groups like these who partner with the Sheriff’s Office please contact the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office Records office or email for an application.

Photos (Courtesy of TCSO):


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