Home Vandalized Suspect arrested for Assault

Home Vandalized Suspect arrested for Assault
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Image of Suspect Duncan Mayabax | Lake County Sheriff’s Office

This 4th of July holiday turned out to be an exciting day for one Lake County resident. A man with over 20 arrests dating back to 2006 vandalized a home and assaulted the homeowner on the evening of July 3rd.

Moments before the resident was about to have dinner with his family, their pet dog alerted him to a disturbance in the front of the property. The suspect identified as Duncan Mayabax approached the residence and began ripping down decorations from the home.

As soon as the property owner, a former Sheriff’s officer, was alerted to Mayabax’s presence he approached the suspect and asked him to stop what he was doing and leave immediately. The suspect argued with the homeowner at first refusing to leave. Mayabax then hit the homeowner in the arm. When the homeowner stated that he was calling the Sheriff’s Mayabax left the residence on foot.

Due to the diligence of the property owner who gave a detailed description of the suspect he was apprehended a short time later.  Mayabax had attempted to alter his appearance by tying up his hair in a ponytail and removing his shirt. Due to the homeowner’s excellent description they were able to take Mayabax into custody in spite of his altered appearance for the suspected crime.

The Deputies recognized the suspect as someone who they have frequent encounters with for disturbances in the area. They had the homeowner confirm that Mayabax was in fact the suspect who had vandalized his home and assaulted him.

Mayabax was arrested and booked on 2 charges of Causing Injury to an Adult and Violating Probation. The property owner sustained minor bruising but thankfully was otherwise unharmed.

Mayabax’s criminal history includes many domestic violence charges, vandalism, as well as substance abuse charges.

Thankfully this situation was resolved without serious injury, and hopefully the suspect will get the rehabilitation or treatment he needs to prevent further instances like these.

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