Parolee from Oregon Charged for Double Murder in Oakland

Parolee from Oregon Charged for Double Murder in Oakland
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OAKLAND — A parolee at-large for a domestic violence conviction in Oregon is in custody at Alameda County Santa Rita Jail. Antonio L. Powell, 46, is charged with committing a double murder in front of children in Oakland.

Powell allegedly fatally shot his girlfriend Rebecca Jenkins, while her one-year-old infant was in bed with her. The suspect next allegedly shot and killed Jenkins’ 13-year-old daughter. He also allegedly shot a second child, a guest at the home at the time of the murders. This child was wounded requiring medical treatment at a hospital.

The shootings occurred April 22 shortly after 11 p.m. at an apartment on Birch Street in Oakland. The mother and daughter were pronounced dead at the scene.

Powell was arrested the following morning at 5:13 a.m. Powell has been denied bond. He faces two murder charges and multiple enhancements for using a firearm causing great bodily injury.

Because other minor children witnessed the murders, Powell is charged with four separate counts of felony child abuse. More than 100 charges and enhancements were filed against him.

In a prepared statement the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office said. “These murders were extraordinary in their level of violence and prevalence of vulnerable victims.”

If Powell is convicted for all the charges he faces, he could spend the rest of his life in prison. His maximum prison sentence would be 110 years. It was nearly 10 years ago when he was convicted for fourth-degree assault in Oregon in November 2013.

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