Man Arrested for Allegedly Robbing, Shooting at Dispensary Employee

Man Arrested for Allegedly Robbing, Shooting at Dispensary Employee

On October 3, 2022, the San Mateo Police Department received a report of gunshots in the 700 block of Fathom Drive. Officers immediately responded to the scene and launched an investigation.

According to a press release by the SMPD, the driver of a minivan, who works at a marijuana dispensary in Oakland, realized he was being followed by a Volkswagen while on the San Mateo Bridge. The driver of the minivan pulled off the freeway into San Mateo and parked. Shortly after, two adult males, one later identified as Leimarion Johnson, exited the Volkswagen and approached the minivan.

Police say that, as Johnson and the other male approached the passenger side of the minivan, the driver of the minivan attempted to drive away from them. The unnamed male broke the front window of the passenger side of the minivan and leaned the upper half of his body into the vehicle. While the male was leaned into the minivan, Johnson allegedly fired two rounds at the rear of the minivan.

The unnamed male then grabbed a bag located in the front passenger side of the minivan and then fell out. The minivan drove away from the area shortly before Johnson and his accomplice fled the scene.

The SMPD continued its investigation and identified Johnson as the alleged shooter.

On February 8, 2023, detectives learned that Johnson was being released from the Contra Costa jail on a separate case after posting bail. SMPD detectives met Johnson as he was released from custody and arrested him on suspicion of robbery, assault with a firearm on a person, shooting at an inhabited vehicle, and conspiracy.

Johnson was subsequently booked into the San Mateo County Jail.

SMPD detectives obtained a search warrant for Johnson’s residence in Richmond, California, and on February 9, 2023, they solicited the assistance of several other agencies, including the FBI Safe Streets Task Force, Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office, and Richmond PD. The agencies worked together to secure Johnson’s residence before the SMPD’s search.

The search yielded the clothing Johnson wore during the October 3rd shooting, which detectives collected and booked as evidence.

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