Mendocino County: Community Assistance Leads to Arrests in Two Separate Cases

Mendocino County: Community Assistance Leads to Arrests in Two Separate Cases

Authorities in Mendocino County recently arrested multiple individuals in connection to two separate investigations with the help of the community, according to a press release by the Sheriff’s Office.

One investigation concerned an alleged theft from a business on North State Street in Ukiah on January 11 of this year. Two individuals had allegedly entered the store, gathered items, approached the counter as if intending to pay for the items, but then ran out with the items instead.

One of the suspects, later identified as Kelly Rogers (38), was located while still in possession of some of the stolen items and taken into custody, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Less than two hours after sharing a photo of the outstanding suspect on social media, with tips from the community, the Sheriff’s Office was able to identify the individual as Salvador Silva Riva (31).

The stolen property was recovered and returned to the business, and the case was forwarded to the District Attorney’s office for prosecution.

In the other case, on January 14, deputies began an investigation after a reported theft from a mailbox on Old River Road, again in Ukiah. A resident had reported seeing an unknown vehicle pull up to their mailbox, and had watched as an unknown man got out, allegedly took mail from the mailbox, and left. The resident documented descriptions of the vehicle and the suspect.

Deputies soon located the vehicle and identified three occupants — Amanda Turleow (23), the driver; Kraig Nowlin (35), riding in the front passenger seat; and Nichole Sotille (43) riding in the back.

Deputies searched the vehicle and reportedly recovered stolen mail from sixteen different residences in the areas of Old River Road and Yokayo Tribe Ranch Road areas. This led to both Turleow and Nowlin being arrested on suspicion of theft of identifying information and conspiracy to commit a crime.

Both were booked at the Mendocino County jail on $15,000 bond.

Although Sotille was determined not to have been involved in the mail theft, she was taken into custody after deputies discovered she had two outstanding warrants for her arrest, and later released on notice to appear, the Sheriff’s Office said.

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