Former Seal Beach Insurance Agent Sentenced for Grand Theft

Former Seal Beach Insurance Agent Sentenced for Grand Theft

SAN BERNARDINO — Former Seal Beach insurance agent Vincent Allen LaGrange was sentenced today for one misdemeanor count of grand theft from an elder.

An investigation by the Department of Insurance led to the discovery that LaGrange had been acting as a licensed insurance agent in order to to collect premium payments from consumers, but actually pocketing the premiums and leaving customers uninsured.

Vincent Allen LaGrange was sentenced to one year probation, and legally obligated to pay the victims back.

Investigators also learned that LeGrange’s license had previously been revoked because he’d over charged an elderly customer in 2016. By collecting earthquake coverage twice and misleading her about the billing, he was able to pocket more money. LaGrange even funded her premium with a separate finance company without the victim knowing.

He attempted to apply for his license again six months later, but was rejected.

In 2019, the investigators learned that LaGrange had been selling commercial liability policies under someone else’s insurance license number and, along with using someone’s license, had been collecting insurance premiums from consumers.

LaGrange collected premium payments from two customers in Lake Arrowhead, and instead of placing them under coverage, kept the money for himself. In order to cover up this theft, LaGrange reportedly issued his customers certificates of insurance, which left them unprotected to losses and at a great financial risk.

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