Police Seeking Husband in Wife’s Murder

Police Seeking Husband in Wife’s Murder

SAN BERNARDINO – Police responded to a tip on a murder suspect, perhaps attempting to buy a train ticket, but the man disappeared before they arrived at the Metrolink station.


Edly Atherley, 29, is suspected of slashing his wife’s throat on Nov. 29, causing a massive manhunt throughout the Inland Empire counties of both San Bernardino and Riverside. Ashley Atherley, 28, who filed for divorce in October after seven years of marriage, was found beaten and stabbed to death.

Police, which have distributed wanted posters and train stations, bus depots and hotels, believe he was somewhere near downtown San Bernardino, which is a crime-ridden area. Sightings have been reported and police said they don’t believe he has access to any vehicles.The suspect, who has a history of violence, has family in both Los Angeles and Florida, said police.


Ashley Atherley

Ashley Atherley

On Wednesday night at the Metrolink station in downtown San Bernardino, a man police believe was Atherley was spotted trying to buy a ticket. A security guard later confirmed to police, via a photograph, that Atherley was the man trying to buy the ticket.

The Atherleys lived in an apartment near the Cal State San Bernardino campus, located on the far north side of the city. Police said there was a report that Atherley was seen by a security guard at the complex wearing bloody clothing in the parking lot area. Ashley Atherley’s body was found the next day.The description of the crime scene was that Ashley Atherley’s body had been discovered badly beaten, stabbed several times and dragged into the bathroom at the apartment. Police discovered a broken knife, bloody clothes, along with a borrowed car that was parked at the apartment complex with blood inside.

Police originally became concerned, according to a release, when family members had not heard from the victim. Officers had obtained a pass key from the apartment management and entered the apartment.  The couple has two daughters.

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