El Centro PD Issues Community Alert Regarding Attempted Kidnapping

El Centro PD Issues Community Alert Regarding Attempted Kidnapping
Originally Published By: El Centro Police Department Facebook Page

“Please see the attached press release about an attempted kidnapping.

Here are eight tips to help prevent your child from being abducted:

1. Keep the lines of communication open between you and your children. They should know your cell phone number, home phone number, as well as their own address.

2. Don’t take anything from strangers. It’s quite a common saying but not enough of an implemented rule. If a stranger offers anything to your kids, they should check with you first. In your absence, they shouldn’t accept anything at all.

3. Keep friends close. If your child is going to a place they’ve never been to before or aren’t that well familiar with, it’s advisable they take a trusted friend along.

4. Decline the odd job offer. Kids aren’t likely to receive job offers, so consider it strange if your child does. Tell them to always turn them down – even if it’s simply a request for assistance with something.

5. Tell them they can trust you. The best relationship between a parent and their child is when they trust you enough to share anything with you that makes them feel uncomfortable. It’s important to know when something or someone is bothering your child.

6. Make them understand you’re not deliberately spying. If your child is still young and vulnerable, monitoring their online time could be a good idea – that’s where the predators usually lurk. Just make it clear it’s not an excuse for you to snoop through their private messages or interactions.

7. Speed and noise are key. If someone is chasing your child or forcing them into a car, the best reaction is to scream and make a dash for it – provided the attacker doesn’t have a dangerous weapon.

8. Establish a plan of action. If your child gets lost in a busy public space, they’ll know what to do or where to meet you.”

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