Petaluma Police launch multiple investigations into Kentucky Street assaults

Petaluma Police launch multiple investigations into Kentucky Street assaults
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“Petaluma PD received a report of an unknown Hispanic male, in his mid-20’s, punched a victim in the jaw, fracturing his jaw. He then tried to punch a nearby female. After failing to connect with the punch, he pushed the female victim, stole her shoe, and fled the area. Police are following up the investigation using video surveillance from the Roaring Donkey.

15 minutes later, Celes Garcia Trujilio (22-year-old Petaluma resident) punched a security guard in the face and bit a second security guard leaving visible, traumatic injuries to both men. Garcia-Trujilio fled the area, but he left evidence behind. Officers are continuing the investigation into this incident, and they are reviewing video evidence provided by the Roaring Donkey.

6 minutes later, an unknown male shouted expletives directed towards Tesla, before smashing the rear window of the victim’s Tesla. When the driver got out to confront the suspect, a brief physical altercation took place before the suspect fled the area on foot. Due to the other physical altercations that took place in the area, officers were unable to search for the suspect at the time of the report.

On 8/31/2022 at approximately 2030 hrs, Romy Limenes (50-year-old Petaluma resident) attacked the bartender at the Hideaway Bar. It was reported that Limenes vomited on the bar and was refused further service. After she was denied more alcohol, she attacked the bartender and she was forcefully removed from the bar. Once outside she reportedly fell and sustained an injury to her head. She was issued a citation and transported to Petaluma Valley Hospital for treatment. While at the hospital, Limenes used a phone to call the victim of the original report and threatened her. Limenes was re-contacted by law enforcement, she was arrested for Dissuading a Witness pursuant to 136.1 PC and transported to Sonoma County Jail.

Since June 1st of 2022, there have been 67 calls for service on Kentucky Street, between Western and Washington Streets alone. We encourage people to come to downtown Petaluma and to enjoy our vibrant community. With the rise in violent crimes in the downtown area and the spike in DUI’s and alcohol related issues, expect Petaluma Police to remain proactive with a strong emphasis on public safety and a zero tolerance for violent crimes. “

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