Traffic stop leads to arrest

Traffic stop leads to arrest
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Originally published as a San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post – 

“It is not unusual to do a traffic stop for expired registration, what is uncommon is having the driver try to flee.

Turned out, that the driver had several reasons. He was on Post Release Community Supervision (PRCS), had an outstanding warrant for his arrest, a loaded firearm, and over half a pound of methamphetamines in the vehicle.

The actions of Mario Cortez, 42, got him 12 new charges including revocation of PRCS, various gun and drug charges, and resisting arrest.

The silver lining is he can now reconnect with his old friends at the San Joaquin County jail.

Thank you AGNET (Agriculture, Gangs and Narcotics Enforcement Team) for keeping our streets safe.”



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