Traffic stop leads to arrest for illegal possession of a handgun

Traffic stop leads to arrest for illegal possession of a handgun
Photo: Obregon’s gun
Originally published as a Santa Rosa Police Department Nixle post:

“On 6/16/22, at approximately 7:50PM, Officers from the Santa Rosa Special Enforcement Team (SET) conducted a traffic stop in the area of Link Lane and Bethel Avenue. When the Officer approached the vehicle, they immediately recognized the occupants from several prior contacts.

The rear passenger was on a grant of pre-trial supervision for possession of a firearm. The front seat passenger, eighteen-year-old Jeremiah Obregon from Santa Rosa, had a prior arrest for possession of a firearm.

The Officers requested the occupants to exit the vehicle so that they could confirm that the rear seat passenger was complying with the terms of his pre-trial release. Obregon refused to exit the vehicle and was argumentative with the officers. The Officers explained the legal reason for the search, but he continued to refuse to exit the vehicle.

After several moments, Obregon exited the vehicle, but then turned around and grabbed a bag from inside the vehicle. The Officer directed him to place the bag down, but he refused. One Officer took the bag form Obregon while the other detained him in handcuffs as he was not following lawful orders.

Officers located a loaded .40 caliber Glock handgun with an extended magazine in the bag Obregon was trying to remove. The handgun was not registered to Obregon. Obregon claimed ownership of the firearm.

Obregon was arrested and booked at the Sonoma County Adult Detention Facility for the following Felony charges:
-25850(C)(6) PC- Possession of loaded firearm not by registered owner
-25400(C)(6) PC- Carrying a loaded concealed weapon”

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