Armed man threats, holes up in a house

Armed man threats, holes up in a house
Photo: seized gun

Originally published as a Sacramento Police Department Facebook post – 

“Yesterday, our officers were on scene of an incident with an armed subject who refused to exit a residence. The incident began around 10 p.m. on June 6 in North Sacramento when officers responded to a report of a suspect possibly armed with a firearm and threatening family members. Responding officers located the described suspect near his relative’s home, and he fled, leading officers on a vehicle pursuit.

At one point during the pursuit, the suspect turned his vehicle toward officers and struck an occupied patrol vehicle as he continued to flee. The officer was not injured. Eventually, the suspect fled into a residence which he refused to exit. Investigating officers confirmed the suspect to be armed inside the residence and began using crisis intervention and de-escalation techniques to work for a peaceful resolution.

As the incident progressed, multiple additional resources were brought to assist including officers from the SWAT and Crisis Negotiation teams, unmanned aerial systems, and vehicles with ballistic protection. The suspect fired a gun multiple times while inside the residence. Crisis negotiators were able to establish contact with the suspect, however he refused to exit the residence.

Due to the length of the incident, officers from the Elk Grove Police Department relieved our officers. The Elk Grove Police Department continued efforts to bring the incident to a peaceful resolution and the suspect eventually exited the residence and was safely taken into custody. Thank you very much to the Elk Grove Police Department for their assistance and helping keep our community safe.

Detectives were then called to the scene and served a search warrant that resulted in the recovery of two firearms (pictured below). Rakesh Prasad, 37, was arrested for charges including criminal threats, evading, assault on a peace officer, and weapons violations.”



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