Sting Operation to Combat Sex Trafficking Nets Arrests of 3 Men

Sting Operation to Combat Sex Trafficking Nets Arrests of 3 Men

SAN RAFAEL — Three men were arrested during a recent sting operation to combat sex trafficking in Marin County. Multiple agencies participated in a six-hour law enforcement action, which took place at a hotel located in San Rafael.

Advertising was placed on websites where men typically seek women selling sex. The objective was to identify individuals seeking juvenile females ensnared in prostitution.

This special operation conducted on May 6 was coordinated by the San Rafael Police Department. It targeted sex traffickers and johns. In addition, victims were provided information and access to services to escape prostitution.

Jose C. Tucubal, a 31-year-old resident of San Rafael, was among those arrested. Tucubal showed up at the hotel, after allegedly agreeing to pay a 16-year-old girl to engage in sexual acts. He was arrested for meeting with a minor to commit a lewd act, PC 288.4(B).

Yefrin R. DeLeon-Gomez, 22 of San Rafael, was also arrested when he arrived at the hotel. DeLeon-Gomez was booked on the same PC 288.4(B) felony charge for soliciting a minor for lewd purposes. He also allegedly agreed to pay a 16-year-old girl for sex.

The third suspect is a Vacaville resident, 24-year-old Jason J. Wright Jr. Wright arrived at the hotel with a woman who agreed to accept money in exchange for sex. He was sitting inside her vehicle.

Authorities obtained evidence leading them to believe that Wright was aiding the woman in prostitution. Wright was arrested for assisting/aiding a person in commission of prostitution.

His is a misdemeanor charge, PC 653.23(A1). The woman victim was temporarily detained. She was provided with information/resources concerning sex trafficking.

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