Kidnapper Threatens Murder – Woman Planning Escape Fears for Her Life

Kidnapper Threatens Murder – Woman Planning Escape Fears for Her Life

VISTA – Eventually, we find out who our true friends are. Such was the case when a woman got into a car with an acquaintance and the visit went terribly wrong on April 18th at 11 PM.

First, the so-called male “friend” refused to let the woman out of the car on the 3800 block of Vista Way in the City of Oceanside, and began to drive her around North County – against her will. Next, he seized her cell phone and threatened to kill her – as the unending terrifying night advanced well into the next day.

That evening, when the woman located a second phone and reached out to a friend, an immediate alert to the The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department sent out the big bird: A.S.T.R.E.A. One of nine aircraft in use since 1971 for patrol, fire suppression and search and rescue missions – the deployed Aerial Support to Regional Enforcement Agencies (ASTREA) employed its night vision and infrared capabilties – thermal imaging systems that can detect heat in outdoor environments.

ASTREA made its presence known to the kidnapper – after the victim broke free and escaped into her friend’s car. The suspect, who had blocked the escapees in a cul-de-sac on the 1000 block of Hidden Vale Drive in Vista – looked up at the huge hovering bird, then quickly sped out of the area.

ASTREA swooped toward the fleeing kidnapper, along with Vista Station Sheriff’s Deputies in hot pursuit on the ground – for a Sheriff’s containment from above and below.

Jonathan Sass (DOB 11/27/1992), was captured that night on the SR-78 in San Marcos. As a result, he was taken into custody without incident – as he will have some serious explaining to do before the judge.

“Sass is booked at the Vista Detention Facility on charges of kidnapping, making criminal threats, robbery, possessing drugs for sale and violating the conditions of his probation,” said Detective Sergeant Nanette McMasters.

And the best news of all: the victim and her real, true friend were not hurt.

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