Tips from MCSO on 420 Day

Tips from MCSO on 420 Day

“Today is the day we bring you all the facts you need to consider before your celebrations begin.

We told you all this last year but you may have eaten too many gummy bears to remember, so we do our due diligence each year in hopes of making the world a better place.

Take a few minutes before your kickback or dayger starts, lick the Cheeto dust off your fingers and scroll down and learn a thing or two.

Its 420 day.

It’s the time of year we start to get a lot of calls about wacky-tobbacky so we wanted to share with you what we know.

Things to know before you inhale or don’t (that’s your story to tell not ours)

  1. Think twice before you accept anything special from those wake’n bake’n brownie makin’ neighbors today.
  2. Driving under the influence is driving under the influence. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the Strawberry Wine, Silver Bullets or the Green Goblin. Don’t do it, period! Please save lives and do the right thing.
  3. Mariposa County has laws about how much Mary-Jane you can have in your back yard or in your possession. Now you can read these if you like or you can check with a Lawyer who specializes in that Laughy Taffy.

  5. If you are with one of those fancy cartels or like to grow illegally and leave garbage and contaminates all over your property and try to ruin neighborhoods around our county, check out these two videos to learn about how we are going to come and get you.

  7. That giggly grass is still not cool to sell. So don’t be posting on weed web because we will find it and have to throw you in the clink and with all the “decriminalization” that California has gone through, trust us you DON’T want to be in jail these days with all the super bad guys!
  8. Be careful what kind of ganja grass you use, we have been seeing some not so nice guys lacing it with some pretty nasty stuff. Nasty enough to kill you, bet.
  9. Smokin’ in the boy’s room or doing the puff puff pass in public isn’t allowed either, no cap (no lie for our 40 and over crowd). So keep your token in your house.

Now our disclaimer- we are NOT encouraging participation, actually just the opposite cuz we remember those “this is your brain on drugs PSA’s”.

What we DO want, is to encourage all those jokers, smokers and midnight tokers to be informed. We want everyone to have the ability to be educated and make smart choices.

Plus, we are in California brah- the voters voted.

Now, if you don’t take our advice and don’t follow the rules we have some amazing one size fits all bracelets for ya.”

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