Driver Arrested after Fleeing from Police Investigating Sideshow Activity

Driver Arrested after Fleeing from Police Investigating Sideshow Activity
Photo: Corbin’s car impounded

WALNUT CREEK — A foolhardy driver was arrested after fleeing from a group of suspected stunt drivers preparing for a sideshow. Cities throughout the eastern San Francisco Bay Area are plagued by participants of dangerous and illegal sideshows.

Walnut Creek police proactively seek to identify and stop reckless sideshow drivers. Around midnight on March 18, officers were dispatched to investigate information about sideshow preparations underway.

When officers arrived at a gas station, where several drivers were loitering, a silver-colored Infiniti sedan sped away. The driver accelerated more than 80 mph, but he was soon apprehended.

Of course, a traffic stop was attempted, but the driver just kept going. In the interest of public safety, officers terminated this potentially dangerous high-speed pursuit. Instead, police fired a GPS cylinder at the fleeing car, which stuck onto the car and transmitted its location.

Officers saturated a quiet neighborhood in Lafayette, where the fleeing sedan was tracked. A van was spotted leaving a remote dark area, and officers stopped it. Inside they located the suspected driver of the car pursued from the gas station.

Ray A. Corbin, 23 of Hercules, was arrested and booked March 19 on five separate charges. His charges include driving without a license, reckless driving, and evasion with disregard for safety.

In addition, Corbin faces charges for false impersonation and giving false information to an officer.
Corbin’s car was located nearby and impounded. Assuming Corbin gets his car back, he shouldn’t expect to keep the sticky GPS device as a souvenir.

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