35 Suspects Arrested in Sexual Assault Investigations

35 Suspects Arrested in Sexual Assault Investigations

Originally published as a San Jose Police Department press release – 

“The San José Police Department Sexual Assault Investigations Unit arrested 35 suspects that had outstanding warrants during an operational sweep between January 1st, 2022, and February 14th, 2022.

29 of those arrests were made during a one-month period, in a coordinated effort with SJPD Special Operations (MERGE, Street Crimes, METRO, VCET) and the Bureau of Investigations (Covert Response Unit). Five of these arrests were on-view arrests due to the proactive work of detectives. Two of these warrant arrests were made outside of San José.

All of the suspects are charged with sex crimes ranging from misdemeanor sexual assault to felony cases of sexual assault of a minor and rape. The dates of these cases ranged from 2016 to as early as February of 2022. It is possible that there could be additional victims. Anyone with additional information about these cases is urged to contact the San José Police Department’s Sexual Assault Investigations Unit at 408-277-4102.

Submit crime tips and remain anonymous by using the P3TIPS mobile app, calling the tip line at (408) 947-STOP, or on www.svcrimestoppers.org. If the information you submit leads to an arrest, you are eligible for a cash reward from the Silicon Valley Crime Stoppers Program.

The San José Police Department is committed to providing services to survivors of sexual assault and bringing their perpetrators to justice.

“This successful operation is a testament to the department-wide dedication at our San José Police Department to hold violent offenders accountable and uphold our standards for trauma-informed response to improve closure rates for survivors,” Councilwoman Sylvia Arenas said. “Sexual assault crimes are notorious for being underreported and of those reported even less lead to arrests,” Arenas said. “I hope that these successful arrests will aid survivors in their journey of healing, some who may have waited as long as six years for justice, and empower more survivors to come forward.”

Chief of Police Anthony Mata, “I would like to thank all the Department members involved for their tremendous efforts in taking these individuals into custody and helping bring hope to the survivors of these terrible crimes.”

 1  Carlos Anguiano  San José Resident 33 Years
 2  Adrian Avila  San José Resident 29 Years
 3  Juan Barraza  San José Resident 53 Years
 4  Victor Cuellar-Calles  San José Resident 30 Years
 5  Isaac De La Rosa  San José Resident 51 Years
 6  Sergio S. Dominguez  San José Resident 46 Years
 7  Edward Escalante  San José Resident 38 Years
 8  Dionte Foster  San José Resident 39 Years
 9  Travis Gold  San José Resident 38 Years
 10  Hector Gutierrez  San José Resident 32 Years
 11  Justin Holt  San José Resident 29 Years
 12  Reyver Huantemendez  San José Resident 24 Years
 13  Elias Huerta  San José Resident 51 Years
 14  Charles Lee  San José Resident 27 Years
 15  Juan Longoria  San José Resident 44 Years
 16  Francisco Lopez-Averanga  San José Resident 59 Years
 17  Jose R. Marquez  San José Resident 46 Years
 18  Arturo Martinez-Viscorra  San José Resident 39 Years
 19  Juan Medina  San José Resident 31 Years
 20  Joey Mitchel  San José Resident 28 Years
 21  Peter Montero  San José Resident 63 Years
 22  Romel Nieto-Valencia  San José Resident 32 Years
 23  Emari Ogarrow  San José Resident 42 Years
 24  Luis Portillo  San José Resident 31 Years
 25  Jerry Puga Jr.  San José Resident 53 Years
 26  Luis S. Quintero  San José Resident 33 Years
 27  Kevin Rivera  San José Resident 23 Years
 28  Jose Rodriguez-Rios  San José Resident 62 Years
 29  Alfonso Rodriguez-Rios  San José Resident 44 Years
 30  Daniel Rosado  San José Resident 62 Years
 31  Rene Salazar  San José Resident 36 Years
 32  Luis Santa Cruz-Jimenez  San José Resident 27 Years
 33  Jorge Soto  San José Resident 18 Years
 34  Michael Walsh  San José Resident 51 Years
 35  Jose Zarate  San José Resident 47 Years



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