Sheriff’s Office Announces Results of Large-Scale Joint Narcotics Operation with DEA

Sheriff’s Office Announces Results of Large-Scale Joint Narcotics Operation with DEA
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Originally published as a Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Departmernt Nixle post – 

“The Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office has announced the results of a long-term joint narcotics operation with the federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

Over the course of a 13-month period of time, which began in November of 2020 and spanned until December of 2021, the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office Special Investigations Unit (SIU) partnered together with federal counterparts for a series of significant narcotics seizures and arrests.

The 17 different search warrant operations spanned all corners of the county and focused on the dangerous influences of Fentanyl pouring into the United States via its import from Mexico.  Each of these separate operations were the culmination of a larger, more complex investigation which crossed over several jurisdictional boundaries.

We have chosen to emphasize and highlight the efforts of our local investigators, who can report the following cumulative narcotics, weapons, physical arrests and cash/asset forfeiture and seizure statistics:

Eight suspects have either been arrested, indicted or identified as fugitives-at-large, while nine total firearms were recovered, nearly $135,000 in U.S. currency was seized, nine search warrants served, 29,850 M30 Fentanyl-laced pills or tablets collected, over 27-pounds of methamphetamine, nearly 18-pounds of straight Fentanyl powder, over 50-pounds of processed marijuana, four-pounds of cocaine, over one-pound or 565-grams of Xanax, and over 6 1/2-pounds of heroin confiscated.

The Sheriff’s Office has attached digital photographs depicting some of the contraband recovered during the service of these search warrants.  Some of the defendants arrested will be facing local criminal charges in state court and others will face them federally.  Each of them are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

We thank our federal counterparts working for the United States Drug Enforcement Agency, as they assisted our deputies with the removal of such a large amount of dangerous substances.  Together, we as a community can better safeguard our streets and our families from the illegal drug trade.”


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