Arrest made for theft of catalytic converters

Arrest made for theft of catalytic converters
Photo: Vangundy’s work
Originally published as a Yreka CHP Facebook post
“On November 18th, 2021 at about 1300 hours, California Highway Patrol officers assigned to the Yreka Area responded to a call of suspicious activity near the Collier Rest Area.
A witness suspected a male of stealing a catalytic converter from a pickup truck. While CHP officers were responding, the witness told CHP dispatch the suspect left the location in a black sport utility vehicle accompanied by a female.
A CHP officer stopped the suspect vehicle and contacted Rodney Vangundy (48) and Tammy Vangundy (53) of Redding, CA. During the investigation, officers responded to the location of the suspected theft and found a detached catalytic converter beneath a Chevrolet pickup truck.
The Chevrolet’s other catalytic converter had been cut on one side and was hanging from beneath the vehicle. A nearby Toyota pickup truck was also missing its catalytic converter. Officers searched the Vangundy’s vehicle and found several catalytic converters with fresh cut marks.
Officers also found a reciprocating saw and several saw blades in the Vangundy’s vehicle. The Toyota’s missing catalytic converter was found among several catalytic converters in the Vangundy’s vehicle. Mr. and Mrs. Vangundy were arrested and booked into Siskiyou County Jail.
The owners of the Chevrolet and Toyota were contacted, at which time the Toyota’s owner was reunited with his catalytic converter.
The CHP commends the witnesses for their vigilance and would remind citizens to report suspected criminal activity.
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