Various Vacaville arrests reported

Various Vacaville arrests reported
Photo: some of the guns seized
Originally published as a Vacaville Police Department Facebook post – 

“Stalkers and convicted felons and drug users, oh my! Here are a few of the calls that have been keeping your officers busy over the past few weeks.

On Thursday (10/7) morning, CIT Detectives stopped a car driven by Jeffrey Schmidt (42, Vacaville) as he was a wanted suspect in an outstanding arrest warrant from an ongoing witness intimidation and stalking case being investigated by our SVU Detectives. Mr. Schmidt complied with the officer’s commands and was safely detained.

SVU Detectives served an associated search warrant at Mr. Schmidt’s residence and located additional evidence to bolster their case, as well as 6 rifles and 4 handguns. Due to his prior criminal history, Mr. Schmidt is currently prohibited from possessing firearms.

Only one of the handguns was registered to Mr. Schmidt. One handgun had been modified for fully automatic fire and another rifle was confirmed as being reported stolen out of Fairfield PD. Mr. Schmidt was booked into the Solano County Jail on various felony charges.

Around 11pm on Friday (10/8) night, dispatchers received a call from someone who’d overheard an argument at a relative’s house in Vacaville with one person pleading for another to put a gun down. Officers located Humberto Delgado (29, Vacaville) in front of the house in question, and Mr. Delgado complied with officer’s commands and was safely detained.

On a subsequent consent search of the residence, officers found a loaded Sig Sauer P220 .45 ACP stuffed under a mattress. Due to a prior felony conviction, Mr. Delgado is prohibited from possessing firearms, and was booked into the Solano County Jail.

Just before 1am on Wednesday (10/12), an officer stopped a vehicle for various mechanical violations. The driver, Miguel Bastida (29, Vacaville) was found to be unlicensed and admitted having marijuana in his vehicle. He complied with officer’s commands and was safely detained.

Prior to the vehicle being towed, an inventory search was conducted, and a gun was found under the driver seat. It was unregistered and had a high-capacity 22-round magazine inside. Mr. Bastida was found to have multiple violent prior felony convictions and was transported to the Solano County Jail on various felony charges.

Just after 1 am on Friday (10/15), dispatch received a call regarding a man outside a local bar who was having difficulty getting into his vehicle. A loaded magazine and loose bullet were seen nearby and the man had been heard saying he didn’t know where his gun was. Officers located the individual, Jeremy Bentley (24, Vacaville) near the bar.

Mr. Bentley complied with the officer’s commands and was safely detained. Officers located a Smith & Wesson handgun on the ground next to the driver side door of Mr. Bentley’s vehicle, and later found suspected cocaine on Mr. Bentley’s person. He was transported and booked into the Solano County Jail on several felony charges.

Just after 2 am on Thursday (10/21) an officer stopped a vehicle for multiple mechanical violations and when the vehicle pulled over, the driver stepped out of the vehicle, which is unusual. The officer ordered the driver, Robert Zayas (41, Vacaville) to remain in his vehicle, which he complied with, but remained uneasy and fidgety.

Officers discovered Mr. Zayas (41, Vacaville) was unlicensed and had suspected methamphetamine on him, and was detained. During a subsequent search of the vehicle, officer located a non-serialized (sometimes referred to a “ghost gun”) Polymer 80 handgun under the front seat. Mr. Zayas admitted possessing both the narcotics and gun, and was booked into the Solano County Jail on numerous felony charges.

Just before 6pm on Wednesday (11/3) an officer stopped a gray Ford Fusion for a registration violation. Once stopped, the driver, Antonio Del Castillo (26, Fairfield) stepped out of the vehicle and began to walk towards the officer, which as we mentioned before, is unusual.

Mr. Del Castillo was compliant with commands, and provided identification, which led to officers learning his license was suspended and he was the subject of a restraining order which advised he was not to possess firearms. As officers began an inventory search of the vehicle prior to it being towed, Mr. Del Castillo admitted there was a gun under the driver’s seat. Officers found a fully loaded, non-serialized Polymer 80 handgun with a threaded barrel, which allows for a suppressor to be attached.

In addition the gun, officers located narcotics paraphernalia, a baton, AR-15 magazine, and credit cards with other people’s names on them. Officers also found a police scanner and walkie-talkie type radio, a large magnetic-mount antenna, and a California exempt license plate which had been reported stolen from a City of Vacaville vehicle in 2020. Mr. Del Castillo was transported and booked into the Solano County Jail on a plethora of felony charges.

Again, all these calls were quickly and safely resolved because individuals chose to comply with an officer’s commands.

It makes a difference.”

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