Altercation leads to arrest for warrants

Altercation leads to arrest for warrants

Originally published as a Porterville Police Department Facebook post – 

“On October 17, 2021, at approximately 4:26 P.M., Officers with the Porterville Police Department responded to a residence in the 200 Block of North Larson Street regarding the report of a physical altercation.

After their arrival on scene, Officers determined suspect Roberto Aguirre had approached a citizen with a metal pole and demanded that she step away from her vehicle.

Aguirre proceeded to take the victim’s car key by use of fear. A nearby resident observed the incident and intervened, physically restraining Aguirre until Officers arrived on scene.

Roberto Aguirre was arrested at the scene for robbery and two outstanding felony arrest warrants. Aguirre was booked at the Tulare County Sheriff’s Department South County Detention Facility, where he is being held in lieu of $210,000.00 bail.”

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