Wild chase ends with violent man’s arrest

Wild chase ends with violent man’s arrest
On the afternoon of June 7, Shady Rest Park was the of a domestic violence call. A woman’s ex-boyfriend pulled a knife on her, cut the tires on her vehicle and then broke windows on the same vehicle.
As officers were arriving, the suspect was leaving in a white van with South Dakota license plates. The van sped by. The two officers turned around to give chase, lights and sirens engaged.
Another officer came upon the suspect and tried to block the road with his vehicle. The van slowed, stopped, then drove around into the oncoming lane.
The pursuit was on. the suspect going up to 95 m.p.h. and flying through a stop sign. He then got onto the interstate where he then exceeded 100 m.p.h.
His evasive attempts also included going on the shoulder to pass other cars.
At the Brown’s Owens River Campground the fleeing vehicle became “stuck in the soft dirt.” The suspect continued the chase by getting out of his vehicle and fleeing on foot.
Within 100 yards, Saylor Austin Reeses was caught. But it didn’t end there. As one of the officers  “:went to apply the seat belt again to prepare for transport, Reese aggressively lunged toward the Sergeant in an attempt to escape custody. The Sergeant in turn wrestled Reese to the ground and was immediately assisted by an on-scene California Highway Patrol Officer. While on the ground, Reese picked up a large rock as a weapon. Officers were able to remove the rock from his hand and restrain him until other Officers arrived on scene. Reese was then transported to Mammoth Hospital for booking clearance.”
Reese was booked on charges of felony evading, felony resisting, felony vandalism, attempted escape, domestic violence, false imprisonment, brandishing a knife.
The suspect is being held on a $500,000 bail.
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