Photo: confiscated gun
Originally published as a Santa Cruz Police Facebook post –  
“Last night SCPD responded to a call of a subject brandishing a gun at the Asti.
In quick order, Officers responded, cleared the bar and found the suspect in the ladies’ bathroom.
In his possession was a loaded Polymer 80 9mm semi-automatic handgun (aka ghost gun). Officers safely detained a resistant and intoxicated Adrian Romaine. Mr. Romaine was arrested for multiple felony violations related to the firearm.
Good work, Patrol team. Policing is not an easy job. Chief Andy Mills is proud of your dedication at SCPD. Our #SantaCruz community appreciates our courageous officers and the tipsters who quite possibly prevented a bad situation from getting worse.
Ghost guns are fully functional firearms made at home using plastic kits with unfinished receivers. They have become known as “ghost guns” because they do not have a serial number and are untraceable.”
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