Alcohol and firearms don’t mix!

Alcohol and firearms don’t mix!
“At around 11:30 last night, Deputies were in the area of the 1200 block of North Filbert Street investigating an unrelated call for service when they heard multiple gunshots nearby.
They quickly called for backup, established a perimeter, worked to determine the origin of the shots, and discover if anyone had been injured. Thankfully, it appeared that no one had been struck by the gunfire.
Through the course of the investigation, it was determined that a group of people had been drinking together and, for reasons they were unable to explain, decided it would be a good idea to go out in their backyard and start target shooting. At 11:30pm. In a residential neighborhood.
Ammunition of various calibers, both live and spent, were located, multiple firearms were recovered at the scene, and a total of six individuals were arrested. 27-year-old D’Andre Martin, 20-year-old Edwin Arellano, 29-year-old Gilbert Ibanez, 30-year-old Adrian Luna, 20-year-old Christian Rodriguez, and 22-year-old Leticia Rodriguez were booked into the San Joaquin County Jail for firearm, conspiracy, and drug-related charges.
Records checks performed on the arrested individuals revealed that Martin and Arellano were prohibited from possessing firearms or ammunition due to prior felony convictions, and Christian and Leticia Rodriguez both had outstanding warrants for their arrest.
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