Two arrested after robbery spree

Two arrested after robbery spree
Photo: Okusitino Tau and Richard Farries
Two men were arrested after a string of robberies in San Mateo. For starters, an elderly woman was out walking  on the evening of April 10th when the suspects snatched her purse and used her credit cards in three different cities.
They then went to the victim’s house and stole her daughter’s car, using a spare key in the woman’s purse. In this stolen car, they committed at least four more robberies.
Security footage from the robberies revealed three suspects – a Polynesian male and two Hispanic males. Footage also showed the stolen vehicle.
Early on the morning of April 11th, a “be on the lookout” alert was put out.  Then another auto burglary occurred and another BOLO was out out.
At 9:30 am a robbery was reported and the stolen gold minivan was identified as the getaway vehicle. Then the van was spotted and followed until a “high-risk traffic stop” was initiated.
The two suspects inside were brought out and detained. The inside of the van held “multiple purse and window punches.”
Just then, a male came from outside of the house where the van had stopped and “became belligerent towards officers until he retreated.”
Those inside the dwelling were told to exit and it was “frozen until search warrants could be issued.”
“During a search of the houses, our victim’s purse was found in addition to property likely belonging to more victims, clothing worn by the suspects during the commission of the crimes as captured on surveillance, a Honda car key, pistol with shaved off serial number, and a short barreled AR-15 pistol with extended magazine.”
Here is the information on the arrestees and their charges –

“Suspect Richard Farries was a Parolee at Large at the time of these incidents and Suspect Okusitino Tau was out on bail for two street robberies he committed in October 2019.

212.5(c)PC-Robbery, 182(a)(1)PC-Conspiracy to Commit a Crime, 496 PC – Possession of stolen property, 466 PC – Possession of burglary tools, 3000.08 PC – Parolee at large
Okusitino Tau, age 18.
212.5(c) PC – Robbery, 182(a)(1) PC – Conspiracy, 496 PC – Possession of stolen property, 466 PC – Possession of burglary tools, 29800(a)(1) PC – Felon in possession of a firearm, 32310(a) PC – Large capacity magazine, 32315 PC – Short barreled rifle, 23290 PC – Possession of a pistol with altered serial number, 12022.1 PC – Commit felony while out on bail
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