Officers Arrest Auto Burglary Suspect and Recover Property

Officers Arrest Auto Burglary Suspect and Recover Property

Originally published as a San Mateo Police Department Facebook post – 

San Mateo, CA – On Thursday, March 18, 2021, at 3:32 a.m., San Mateo Police Department officers arrested a suspect connected to an early morning auto burglary in the 300 block of S. El Camino Real. The victim called police after hearing his car alarm sounding and discovered someone smashed the window and stole his backpack. Officers located the suspect at a bus stop with the victim’s property at 9th Avenue / S. El Camino Real. The suspect was also in possession of burglary tools and narcotics.

In compliance with COVID-19 jail protocol and rules imposed by the California Court System, the suspect was released by citation, provided a court date, and released at the scene.

As we continue to patrol San Mateo, we ask you to safeguard yourselves with these simple tips:

Lock all vehicle doors – Try setting a reminder alarm on your phone at 9PM.

Don’t leave ANYTHING in your car – You read that right. Thieves are now searching consoles and glove compartments if they don’t see GPS devices, laptops/tablets, or personal bags in plain view. If you own a work truck, store your tools inside your home.

Invest in Security Cameras – We are solving more cases thanks to security cameras. Our officers regularly canvass for available cameras and you can help us by notifying SMPD of your cameras.



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