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Originally published as a Fresno Police Department News Release – 

“Fresno Police Department MAGEC gang detectives developed information regarding a large amount of illegal drugs being distributed in the City of Fresno. FPD Special Investigations Bureau Major Narcotic Unit detectives and agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration Office in Fresno followed up on the information developed by the MAGEC gang detectives and they were able to identify the location within the City of Fresno. Further investigation confirmed narcotics and weapons were being concealed and stored at the location.

On Monday 02/29/21, a team comprising of FPD Major Narcotics Unit detectives, MAGEC gang detectives, and DEA agents conducted surveillance at the location in a residential area near Chestnut/Butler.

A subject identified as Fausto Pina (31 years old) was identified and seen leaving the area. Pina had an outstanding felony warrant for robbery and was also on probation for robbery. MAGEC gang detectives attempted an enforcement stop, but Pina fled from on foot. He was then quickly apprehended by the MAGEC gang detectives.

PD Special Investigations Bureau Major Narcotics Unit detectives authored a search warrant for Pina’s residence. Pina was arrested and booked into Fresno County Jail for the following evidence seized at his residence and for also being an ex-felon in possession of a firearm/ammunition:

 Approximately 86 pounds of methamphetamine
 Approximately 1 kilo of cocaine
 Approximately 1 pound of black tar heroin
 .38 special revolver (unregistered)
 Remington 700 / 30-06 rifle with scope (unregistered)
 AR-15 assault rifle “Ghost Gun”
 Over 200 rounds of live ammunition
 Over $23,000 in cash seized as asset forfeiture
 One vehicle was seized under asset forfeiture”

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