Three arrested in bakery robbery

Three arrested in bakery robbery
Originally posted on San Mateo County Sheriffs Office official Facebook page-
“These junior criminals thought they got away with the dough.
Golden Glaze Bakery in North Fair Oaks was robbed on Monday at 5PM. The suspect, 19 year old, Steve Talauati from Redwood City. Talauati walked into the bakery, pointed a red handgun at the clerk and demanded money from the cash register. Fearing for his life, the clerk did what he was told and handed over the cash. Talauati took the cash and ran outside to the getaway car, a minivan driven by the 17 year old accomplice.
Deputies reviewed surveillance footage from the Bakery and got a good description of the suspects and the getaway vehicle.
A short time later, the same deputies spotted the minivan making an illegal u-turn in the business district of North Fair Oaks, close to where the robbery occurred. It didn’t help that the registration to the minivan was also expired by over a year.
Deputy Cortez and Deputy Peters stopped the minivan and found the two original suspects seen in the CCTV footage as well as a third passenger in the car. The third suspect was Isiah Vi, a 21 year old from Newark.
Once more deputies arrived for safety reasons, the three suspects were detained outside the car and the minivan was searched.
Talauati had the loaded gun in his waist band when he was taken out of the car and thankfully the deputies secured it before something tragic happened. In the minivan, deputies also found more cash then what was taken from the bakery, clothing worn by Talauati during the crime, xanax pills and scales.
Needless to say the three young suspects were arrested:
The 17 year old and Talauati were charged with robbery and conspiracy. Talauati had an additional charge for carrying a loaded firearm and Vi was given a citation for possession of drugs for sales.
We are glad they were caught and no one got hurt.”
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