Man with 27 Arrests is Now Accused of Assaulting Elderly Persons

Man with 27 Arrests is Now Accused of Assaulting Elderly Persons
Photo: Yahya Muslim

OAKLAND — Yahya Muslim, 28 of Oakland, has been arrested 27 times since 2014, including twice this month for assaults. Muslim was already in jail when he was identified and charged in a new case involving assaults on elderly persons.

Muslim faces multiple charges involving three elderly persons who were attacked and shoved to the ground. The victims were assaulted January 31, while they were walking along Harrison Street in Chinatown.

One victim, a 91-year-old man suffered lacerations, abrasions, and bruises. A second attack on the same block involved an elderly couple who also suffered injuries. A woman in this attack briefly lost consciousness and required stitches.

Meanwhile, Muslim was arrested February 1 for other assaults that happened in Chinatown prior to this. While in custody, a witness positively identified him as a suspect in the assaults on the three elderly persons in January.

The witness recognized Muslim as a person that she previously saw working at a store in downtown Oakland. Muslim was subsequently arrested again inside county jail on February 6 for additional assault charges.

He remains in custody at Santa Rita Jail. He presently faces a total of 12 charges involving assaults. These charges include –
 assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury.
 violent crime on the vulnerable
 elder abuse

Muslim has numerous prior arrests, twice for assaults in 2020 and twice for assaults in 2019. He was arrested three times for assaults and a robbery in 2017.

In 2016, Muslim was arrested 10 times for assaults, battery, illicit drugs, vandalism, among other offenses. In addition, he was arrested seven times in 2015 and once in 2014.

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