Sheriff Briese works night shift because of budget constraints

Sheriff Briese works night shift because of budget constraints
Photo: Sheriff Briese
Originally published as a Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post – 
“Commitment- Sheriff Briese has been working with his command staff (Sergeants, Lieutenant, Captains, Finance and Undersheriff) to come up with ways to make our communities safer and provide quicker back up for patrol deputies.
Many communities in the Northern and Eastern parts of the county can take long response times and if a patrol deputy in those areas needs help, back up can sometimes be more than 20-30 minutes away.
Budget constraints due to the COVID-19 pandemic has required the Sheriff’s Office to freeze many vacant patrol deputy positions, making it even more difficult to deliver the much needed upgraded patrol efforts.
So what happens when Sheriff Briese makes a promise to the community and his staff but budget constraints, frozen positions and holidays get in the way?
Well…..he works the shift himself- Last night Sheriff Briese worked the North County Night Shift along with Deputy Garcia. They had an eventful night working in a few areas we have had several reports of trespassing.
Sheriff Briese and Deputy Garcia contacted a few folks in places they shouldn’t have been and found one gentleman was even missing his pants, seems he was a little pre-disposed with other activities he didn’t hear the Sheriff roll up behind him and his friend.
Keep an eye out for the Sheriff and his command staff working the beat areas. Give them a wave, flag them down, have a chat or just say “Hi”
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