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San Mateo

Caretaker Suspected To Be Involved In Robbery Of Her Client

  About 9PM on October 1, 2020, the door of a residence on the 1700 block of Norfolk Street was kicked in. The resident was a 97-year old woman greeted

San Mateo

DUI Rollover Collision Yields Gun and Two Arrests

 Photo : gun inside the vehicle On the night of November 22 a vehicle rolled over at 2nd Avenue and South Amphlett Boulevard. The two occupants of the vehicle were


Salinas Police: Two arrested after robbery victim finds stolen sneakers for sale on Instagram

Photos: Salinas Police Department Two people have been arrested after allegedly stealing sneakers at gunpoint and later trying to sell them, according to Salinas Police. The victim had reportedly listed


Madera PD: Two arrested on suspicion of illegal firearm possession in gang suppression operation

Originally published 11-21-20 via Facebook by the City of Madera Police Department: “Officers Carrillo and Gibbs were working tonight with the specific law enforcement task of gang suppression within the


Stolen handgun confiscated, two arrested during traffic stop

Photos: City of Madera Police Department Originally published 11-24-20 via Facebook by the City of Madera Police Department: “During a traffic stop, Officer Santoyo contacted Andrew Garcia and Bernardo Racinez.