Tinted Windows Lead to 34.8 Grams of Meth

Tinted Windows Lead to 34.8 Grams of Meth
Photo: Rosas and Cole

The night of October 22, 2020, tinted front windows on a vehicle prompted Officer Rogers of the Chowchilla Police Department to initiate a traffic stop on the 600 block of South 15th Street.

The officer discovered the driver, 25-year old Guillermo Rosas, was driving on a suspended license. He asked
Rosas if any guns were in the car to which Rosas replied there was not. But in the back seat the officer
observed a gun case, at which time Rose was detained.

seized guns and drugs

Also in the car was 27-year old William Cole. Cole initially provided the officer with a fake name because of his current probation status and being wanted on two Madera County arrest warrants.

Cole was asked to step out of the car and disclose if he had any weapons to which responded he did, in his

In total three firearms were found: Cole’s loaded, concealed weapon; a loaded gun in the glove box; and a third weapon, illegally stored in the backseat, loaded with a high capacity magazine.

The officer also found red and black spray cans and 34.8 grams of methamphetamine. Rosas was booked at the Madera Department of Corrections for firearm possession. Cole was also booked into the Madera Department of Corrections for drug and weapons charges, as well as probation violations.

Photos from the Chowchilla Police Department

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