Reckless DUI driving with three guns

Reckless DUI driving with three guns
Photo: scene of the stop

Originally appeared as an Amador CHP Facebook post – 

“Due to the Copper Fire, SR-16 was closed between Forest Home Rd., and Ione Rd., in Sacramento County.

Officers from Amador CHP and East Sacramento CHP were on scene at Ione Rd with Amador Caltrans who we’re about to move the closure into Amador County.

A white Dodge Ram truck traveling eastbound toward the closure continued toward the closed intersection, the personnel who were directing traffic, and the parked vehicles.

Once it became obvious the vehicle was not going to stop, all personnel immediately moved to safety and the Dodge ran directly into the passenger side door of one of the Caltrans vehicles.

The CHP Officers immediately assessed the driver for injuries and removed him from the vehicle. As the driver attempted to regain access to the driver’s compartment, officers were able to intervene and prevent any possible officer safety issues.

In doing so, one of the officers identified the grip of a pistol protruding from between the driver’s seat and the center console.

The weapon was discovered to be a loaded Taurus Judge .410 shotgun pistol. In addition, two other pistols were located in the vehicle.

All with large amounts of ammunition. All within reach of the driver. In addition to the numerous weapons violations, the driver was also arrested for DUI and booked into the Sacramento County Jail.”



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