Felon Busted with “Ghost” Guns” and Released without Bail

Felon Busted with “Ghost” Guns” and Released without Bail
Photo: Joel Chaffee

Anyone who has been convicted of a felony and who has enjoyed the hospitality provided by
the California Department of Corrections is aware of the legislative prohibition against felons
owning, using, or possessing any firearm or the ammunition for any firearm.

Ignoring that prohibition by possessing a firearm as a felon is, in itself, a felony that can send an individual right back into the cordial arms of the CDC.

Based upon the report filed by Ventura County Sheriff’s Department Special Crimes Unit
spokesman Det. Jarrod Foote, 35-yerar-old Camarillo resident Joel Chaffee was apparently
ignoring that legal provision on the evening of August 6th when he was driving homeward
through the streets of Camarillo. A known felon with a history of “illegal firearm activity,”
Chaffee was pulled over by detectives for a quick conversation.

One thing lead to another, and pursuant to a brief search of his vehicle, Chaffee was determined to be in possession of a concealed firearm “along with several rounds of ammunition,” a violation of his status as a paroled felon.

Chaffee was taken into custody at the scene, and detectives proceeded to his residence where another warrant search lead to the discovery of “hundreds of rounds of ammunition, high-capacity magazines, gun parts” and additional firearms, including “an unserialized, self-manufactured .223 caliber short-barreled assault-style rifle commonly referred to as a ‘ghost gun’.”

Chaffee was transported to Ventura County Jail, where he was booked on “several felony
weapons offenses” and then was “released on his own recognizance,” which undoubtedly
makes everyone in the community feel much safer.

Photo: Courtesy Ventura County Jail Booking

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