Transient in Custody Accused of Vandalizing 5 Food Bank Trucks

Transient in Custody Accused of Vandalizing 5 Food Bank Trucks
Photo: Farman caught on camera

SAN RAFAEL — A transient who normally lives in a minivan is in custody. Shahin Farman, 38, is accused of causing more than $50,000 in damages to trucks belonging to the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank.

He was arrested after allegedly committing more vandalism—defacing street signs.

Five trucks were damaged at the food bank at 2550 Kerner Boulevard. Cameras recorded the culprit pouring liquid into fuel tanks on August 2. This liquid is suspected of being muriatic acid, commonly used to maintain swimming pools.

San Rafael detectives reviewed video evidence, identified the minivan and Shahin as a suspect. He is known to law enforcement and frequents San Rafael and Novato, where he often parks his minivan.

San Rafael PD notified Novato PD to be on the lookout for him. On August 10, a public works employee saw a man splashing purple liquid on street signs on Fourth Street in Novato. The witness reported this, provided a description of the suspect and a minivan used to flee.

Shortly afterward, an officer spotted it and conducted a traffic stop near Trader Joe’s supermarket at 7514 Redwood Boulevard. Shahin was uncooperative and it took 30 minutes to convince him to exit the minivan.

Shahin was detained and his minivan was searched. Officers recovered gallon-size containers of muriatic acid and other materials, which authorities say can be used for making a homemade bomb.

Novato PD notified San Rafael detectives, who traveled to Novato to arrest him. Shahin remains in custody at Marin County Jail on open charges in lieu of $45,000 bond.

Shahin presently faces five charges –
 Vandalism
 Possessing materials with intent to make a destructive/explosive device
 Depositing offensive material in public
 Driving with a license suspended for drunk driving
 Littering

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