DUI driver finds himself in a “stinky situation”

DUI driver finds himself in a “stinky situation”

Someone in the South Sacramento CHP found a humorous way to relate a report of what thankfully was no worse than a mess –

“Night three of the Memorial Day Weekend MEP, and this DUI driver found himself in a “stinky” ? situation.

(South Sac CHP)

At approximately 1:30 am, the CHP – Sacramento Communications Center received a call from a driver informing them that he had crashed his vehicle into a an unknown water source and that the vehicle was quickly filling up with the liquid.

The driver told dispatch that he was on a dairy farm on Franklin Blvd in Unincorporated south Sacramento County near the City of Elk Grove.

After approximately 48 minutes of searching, the driver was located by the Cosumnes Fire Department inside his vehicle partially submerged in a liquid manure storage pond ? ? .

South Sacramento CHP Area units arrived on scene and it was determined that the driver was in the manure pond for approximately one hour trying to get out of his vehicle before giving up and calling 9-1–1 for help.

While talking to the driver, officers observed objective signs and symptoms of alcohol intoxication. A subsequent DUI investigation revealed the driver was under the influence of alcohol and after spending almost two hours neck deep in ? ?, he was arrested for DUI.

We often remind you on this Facebook page of the dangers of driving impaired. This is a reminder that making the poor decision to drink and drive can land you in some deep…..”


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